Design doc - Sexitimez

games with 'popcorn' sex will usually have a quick snippet of an animation sequence.
the next level would be adding a few pose swaps and different speeds
.. I wanna go even further. somewhere very few games even try for .. making a full pose-by-pose sex suite. 
main-course intercourse!

above is a little mockup of possible actions. the map up there is far from complete, but I hope it gets the point across. 

scenes will usually start from the standing position, and from there you'll make your way into whatever sort of scene you'd like. some poses will need to be unlocked in a skill tree, with a few things requiring certain levels of flexibility and/or strength on your partner's behalf. later on, we can branch out into non-con variants and furniture, with bed edges, chairs and walls too.

the whole system will hinge on various stats. Ideally, it'll be robust enough to lead into unique encounters all within the same system. you'll have your own things to keep an eye on, and an 'enemy' AI will give you something to work with, or against.

sex mechanics will work on 'ticks' so every once in a while, a bunch of numbers will get crunched. this is a lot different from the on-trust system that FYC had, and it means that sex times can be scaled on the fly to your own preference and tweaks/balancing will be MUCH more simple.

both parties will have their own control, energy, speed, arousal and orgasm bars.
"arousal AND orgasm??"
yep, that's right. two totally different things. arousal will deal more with enjoyment and sensitivity, while the O-bar does exactly what you'd think. arousal doesnt just start at the in-and-out either, it'll be linked to pre-coitus flirty talk-time, and it'll mean putting an effort into teasing and foreplay too. if you just plug away, getting off will probably happen eventually, but the big Os will be a matter of skill, mastery and jolly cooperation.

speed and energy will work in tandem. picking up the pace will drain energy based on stamina stats. certain poses can be easier or more difficult, so it'll be on you to manage that. their AI will put points in at semi-random, and for realism's sake, it wont be smart about it either. you'll be able to change your own pace at will, and through some of the 'moan buttons' you'll be able to (try and) change theirs. (more on that below). running empty will leave either of you exhausted, dropping speed and losing both sorts of horny points. it'll also look unprofessional and embarrassing too, skimming a bit off your prostitute earnings, tips or NPC disposition.

control will tally up as things go on, points are 'spent' to change positions, do mini-actions (hands up, hands down, touch, stroke, squeeze, etc..) and yadda-yadda. your partner will have also have another special (hidden?) patience stat that will 'weigh' their AI choices, so it can give priority to selfish/selfless actions. certain poses (like riding for example) will give control points faster to one partner over the other, and it will ratio your speed bars too.
(so if you're on top and you wanna go fast, then who cares what they say, right?!)

careful of chafing though, you'll have your own 'stress' bar to look out for.
stress is a combination of anything that's uncomfortable - rough poses, flexibility, high speeds, big partners and oxygen needs for oral. to alleviate this, you'll have the same options of moving around and speed control, and a secret weapon ~ your voice.

a "moan button" might sound like a silly idea, but I thought I'd flesh that out a little..
so, a normal whimper or purr might please your partner, and advanced options like dirty talk or screaming "daddy" will have varying effects with different personalities.  why stop there though? grunting or cussing like a sailor can help take the edge off stress. "faster!" and "slow down!" can be used to tweak your partner's speed, and theres probably gonna be a taunt/emasculate bit to tweak partner patience levels. and to deal with bossy-boots and serial-fakers alike, there'll just be a simple 'fail' chance that slowly ramps up when you make noise.

so yeah, hopefully that's enough to keep things fresh, because it's gonna be the main meat of the game. full sessions are meant take a decent while to play through, giving a real contrast from quickies and .... other things

okay, I think that's all the main stuff from the one-on-one system
..but that's not all I've got planned. I'll tell you all about the other two next week :P


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