Who can find the devil in disguise?

Traveler from a foreign land!

This is the Fancy Lynx. A cool location to visit in large cities. Part tavern, part gambling hall, part show house, the gambling hall has Fancy Lynx has it all. The best wines and spirits, games of chance and the chance to become rich, and shows that go from gnome theater plays to exotic dancers. However, the place has a secret. In the basement, there is a large sinkhole that goes all the way down to the Underdark. It looks dangerous but nothing can come from below thanks to the protective barrier of three magic rings.

Satin, the most popular and sought off dancer in the Fancy Lynx is not what she seems. With unnatural beauty she influences everyone around her. Devilish blood runs through her veins. She is only playing a part as her only objective is to gain access to the basement to dispel the magic in the protective rings. She does not know what or who will emerge from the abyss below.

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