Grimgate v0.1.0 - Public Build

Hey everyone!

We have officially launched our first public build for our retitled RPG, Grimgate.

Download links:!u9E02IRK!C9wYmkn6niFluvvvznlolKQI-vKmxEd5_3y1sJ7-pK0

This build is intended as a brief demo to show you and let you experience the visual quality, theme and tone for our project. 

In this build you can explore the environment, interact with objects, test our rudimentary combat mechanic and enjoy a lovingly crafted sex animation.

We hope you enjoy the build, and if so please feel free to share us within the community, the more exposure this project can get, the more potential it has for greater content!

Known issues:

- collision has not been fully implemented
- combat is a single swing, with no impact or gameplay
- no character dialogue options have been implemented in this build
- build has not been fully optimised

If you have any questions about the build, please drop a comment below or join us in Discord!

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