An Update On the Podcast

Hi all! I've been fairly silent since my announcement episode a few weeks ago, so I thought I owe it to y'all to give a peak behind the curtain to see what all has been going on!



It's been a "down" period, between my moods and technical issues, and plans have had to change. I'm now trying to better understand my own limits at all times, not just when I'm at my best, and will strive to be more consistent moving forward! Readstuck and Fanstuck episodes will be starting up again shortly! As always, feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or concerns.


The long explanation:

I have depression. This isn't new. I've had it for over half my life, and sometimes it feels I have a good hold over it, others it drags me down. Unfortunately, I've been dragged down quite a bit these past few weeks. I had a lot of plans for how I wanted this past month and this next month to go, and unfortunately I didn't take into account that I would not remain at my creative high during that period, so I've let you and myself down. I still have plans! I still have fun bonuses I want to do for my patrons! I still have project ideas, and I still have people I want to collaborate with. I'm just going to be going forward with a better respect of my own limits.

Beyond my own personal limitations, the series I had planned about Problematic Faves, which ended up getting downgraded to a single short solo episode, had a major bump in the road from the start. The recording I had done with two people had lost one person's entire recording. It had been over a week between the recording and when I actually went into edit, so there wasn't a way for me to salvage, and I couldn't ask two people to redo the whole episode with me. After realizing I let myself get caught up in the above problems and didn't have any future episodes properly planned out, I decided it was best for myself and the podcast if I cut my losses and changed my game plan. One day I think it would be nice to come back to problematic characters and why we love them, as told by their most fervent stans, but as of now, I don't have any active plans. I'm sorry to disappoint you all, both you, the listeners, and you, who showed interest in coming on to record. I'm still scraping my planning together, but I aim to be more consistent and forward thinking from now on.

Right now, I'm trying to focus primarily on getting a backlog of episodes again. I got lazy with the amount of episodes I had prepared for Readstuck, and I need to remedy that, especially if I want to counteract weeks like I've had recently. You all have shown me so much support, and you deserve better from me.

As always, if you have any ideas, concerns, questions, what-have-you, send them my way, and I'll do my best to see they're addressed!

Thank you for getting me to where I am now,

Jackie aka Jax

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