Sinav Cliff, a city of undead...

Travelers from far away lands, I wrote an adventure idea!

I'd been debating myself on how to implement a city with an undead population that makes sense somewhat. I know there are some examples in some setting but they strike me as odd and "unnatural" if that's a word I can use for a fantasy setting.

So this is my way of doing it, arguably not the best. Sinav Cliff is a desert settlement where a strange and old curse on the land makes dead people come back to life as ghouls/zombies of sorts. They lose some memories in the process but otherwise are the same folks. This after life lasts 10 years approximately, over this time, the bodies and minds of the undead deteriorate until they crumble to sand. A few wealthy individuals in the city can afford the expensive material components for a ritual that extends this period and stops the deterioration. Thus, creating a gerontocracy of the oldest and wealthiest. Also, when undead forget who they are, they are preyed upon by several factions that employ undead labor force for a variety of uses. These undead are slaves by law and do not have any rights on their own existence. Because of this, some people take care of their dead at home because the risk to lose them to slave labor is too great.

For my supporters in this platform, the map is included with no labels, title, and also B/W for happy printers. Pledge today and get access to this cool adventure in PDF form and tons of others too.

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