Last year I had so much fun doing the #commuteartgiveaway on Instagram (take a look) that I decided to do another giveaway to my IG followers again this year.

This time, I'll select 3 people (sorry only affording 3 this time) for #JadeToteGiveaway. I'm currently trying to practice this style so don't worry I am getting something out of you being a muse.

I'll draw your portrait on a tote and customize it, you'll see a sketch of it prior.


1. You have to be following

2. Tag #JadeToteGiveaway and @jerlyn (jerlynthomas on IG) so I can see it (this won't be viewable on a private account so it has to be public).

3. You have to post a clear portrait timestamped after this post, no older ones (no other customization but you can inquire if you'd like to pay for one ;) Paypal only )

4. Winners will be selected before end of August (I have a marathon this weekend, need time to sort haha)