Wazimu Life Overlanding

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If you take a retired Stewart and Stevenson M1078 in all its past glory, give it the love and craftsmanship it deserves for post war life; you might be fortunate enough to end up overlanding beauty and beast style.  Or in this case, Hippie and the Beast style with Trevor and Kourtney.

Originally we ran across @wazimulife on social media, immediately stopping to admire their massive M1078 build, then lured in deeper with their gorgeous interior design, displayed with stunning perfection. Okay, we admit, we thought we were looking at two separate builds...  As we looked closer, we were more than enthralled to discover it was all the same build! If you take the time to read further, you will discover two people with overflowing talents, hearts of passion, interlaced with humility, along with a raw but refreshing style of honesty.

In this two part episode with Trevor and Kourtney you will find inspiration, stories of experience, build ideas for your own, along with a deep style of honesty that is all too rare in the "everything is perfect" world that's generally on display. Enjoy the gorgeous pictures, the craftsmanship, the inspiration; and remember to take the time to read the words within a social media post, especially at @wazimulife

Website: https://www.wazimulife.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wazimulife
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WazimuLife

Vehicle: Stewart and Stevenson M1078
Most Valuable: Camera and French Press
Fuel Capacity: 58 gallons (208+ liters)
Water Capacity: 95 gallons (359+ liters)
Water Filtration: normally purchasing pre filtered water
Solar: NOTE - make sure you’re using the appropriate solar system matched up to your battery system. Also check out Lion Energy Batteries at https://lionenergy.com
Refrigerator: Dometic CFX-95 DZW

Favorite Meal: Breakfast Bowl - Wright Bacon, Avocado, Egg with sautéd red onions and tomatoes with Sriracha sauce 

Cell Service by: Bo

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