Change history v0.04.11

  • Autosave works correctly
  • Added new character Alice
  • Added new location 'Park'
  • Dialogue with drunk Maria reworked
  • MC Room location reworked
  • Kitchen location reworked
  • Smartphone version game UI fixed
  • Some events and dialogues extended
  • Catherine's office events updated
  • Added park events
  • Added home events
  • The next dream
  • Added intro
  • Added Achievement
  • Location changes: Livingroom, Corridor, Bathroom, Kitchen.
  • Added mini-game
  • Adding...

Change history v0.03.12

  • Removed some dark frame
  • Fixed save directory 
  • Fixed duplicate characters bug
  • Fixed empty locations after reboot
  • Fixed some translation mistakes
  • Fixed some bugs

Change history v0.03.001

  • Added notify characters
  • Added web updater (for mini)
  • Fixed some translation mistakes 
  • Fixed some bugs

Change history v0.02b

  •  Fixed some bugs

Change history v0.02

  • Added smartphone
  • Added new events
  • Added new inventory
  • Added new characters
  • Added new dialogues
  • Added new location (Mall)
  • Added new effects and sounds
  • The plot is augmented
  • Changed interface

Change history v0.01a

  • Initial version
  • Next...

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