Index of ALL Patreon Bonus content!

Here's a list of links to all the bonus content that is Patreon-only!

EVERY show I do goes on the Patreon feed, and MOST of the shows go on the free feed (with the commercials). There are a mix of shows that have bonus content and there are some Patreon-ONLY episodes in this list below.

(*Patreon has been a learning trial for me to figure out how to get as much content to the masses as I can while providing some bonus perks for those that take the extra step to support it on Patreon)

Again; this is NOT a list of EVERY show I've published; it's ONLY the ones with bonus Patreon-only content for you to enjoy!! Over 100+ shows and counting!

Also- I published YEARS of shows on the free feed before starting the Patreon feed. Those shows are NOT on the Patreon feed. You can only access those shows (from years 2014 to 2018) on the free feed or the VIP Section on

List is by date; latest posts first. Stay Woke!

Again- this is ONLY an index of the BONUS content you get on Patreon! There are a ton of other ad-free episodes that you'll get on the feed! (*I added some of the free feed shows to the links for ease of listening to full series- such as the Eyes Wide Shut shows).


The Dark Path Book Club (from 2020- this was another Patreon exclusive bonus- I can't promise I'll be able to keep up with future comments)


Twin Peaks Grey Lodge (2023- to present)


2023 (so far)




Great Reset Series:

Q@n0n and the Occult:


Illuminati Bloodlines Series:

2018 (*back then I was doing only the first part of the shows on free feed; so these are all the full content shows, that's why there are so many. I've since focused on doing full bonus shows for Patreon that Free Feed doesn't see):

Marjorie Cameron Series:

Illuminati Consumerism Series:

Thanks again for all your support! I'll keep banging out shows and updating this index!


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