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I made this map and wrote some lore for low-level characters who aspire to join an adventurers' guild. Surely the prestigious Broken Hilt Guild does not welcome underperforming mercenaries among its ranks. That is why they created this trial course to filter out those unworthy of joining. The only rules are to only use weapons from the local armory, and to reach the other end of the course by any means necessary. Doing it in a short period of time is regarded highly too.

The trial has some combat encounters, but also split-party situations, and non-combat problems. It is supposed to make a team of newbies confront what they'd likely find in a real dungeon. If you're doing a low level game and want to include sucha  faction this is a great way to start.

For my supporters on this page, I've included the map labeled and unlabeled and also a roll20 version to quickly import into the VTT platform. B/W included too.

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Elven Tower.

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