Review: Book Brush (Writing Advice)

On social media nothing catches a reader's attention more than a cover, unless it's a snazzy promotion graphic. These graphics often have a teaser line, an eye-catching image, a cover, and perhaps the logos of various stores or programs. Many authors make them in Canva, which is a free program or they hire someone to make them. BookBrush is a new online tool that seeks to change that.

(Disclaimer: I will be adding this service to My Author Home, but I was trying out BookBrush to see if it would make this easier.)

The free plan allows you to download 3 images a month. You can create and save a certain number of images as well. For an author with only one or two books, this isn't bad. The images come with numerous royalty free stock backgrounds, and you can save your covers, including putting them in an ebook or paperback frame, and then easily place them on any graphic.

This is an image I made in about five minutes. You get your choice of fonts and colors, and it walks you through the process. As someone who has worked in photoshop for years, while I liked the images so I didn't have to hunt up my own. However, I found the interface clunky and on satellite internet rather slow. And really, I have to wonder much like some promo graphics from a cover artist I know, how soon before you'll see the same images recycled over and over again. 

The other thing that put me off was the upgrade. It says it's $8/month, which seems super reasonable. However, they're asking you to pay for a year in advance or $96. Considering that there are many shysters looking to take money from authors and don't provide the services you pay for (Blasty comes to mind), paying for a new company up front while not only financially impossible for me at the moment, raises some red flags. With my backlist, I certainly could use the images and then some. But what if something happens and I stop publishing? Am I just out the rest of the year?

The lack of information on the site about who is behind it also raised flags. For me, I'm going to keep using my graphics program. I just can't recommend this beyond the free plan at this time. 

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