First Wave Reconstruction Done

Hello all! Doctor here. Wanted to give an update to the Patreon that you should already be seeing. As I mentioned before in a past update, the plan was to start making changes to the Patreon tiers on the Network. So, here is what we have so far:

LIVE $5 tier has been removed.

This was an obvious change as we have not been that good about live streaming every recording. It usually stems from a combination of issues like technical/network limitations and timing of recordings being last minute that it felt like we never could get streams up right away. Don't worry, we are still going to live stream recordings when we can. The price to view streams will stay the same, it will just be merged into our Network Expansion tier. Which means....

Network Expansion has lowered!

The Expansion is now $5. This is the big move since we wanted to put more exclusive content to more ears and we knew that this will at least make it easier for people to get access to what we are doing on this tier. Like I said, we will do the occasional live stream on this tier. Now, what about that $7 tier that the Expansion was at? We have something special for that.

The Network Founders tier.

Limited to an elite group of four patrons, our $7 tier now allows you to make us record a podcast episode of any subject exclusively on the Network Expansion tier. Similar to our $10 tier, which is still staying, you are limited one subject, within reason. We still have some say in what is allowed. So this can be a specific anime or manga or it can be about a broader discussion subject, like fandom culture. It is up to you.

That is all for what we have for the Network so far. Like the title says, this is just the first wave of changes. We will be making more in the near future. Thank you all for being here and being a backer of our Network.


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