“The Race Card” card game gains popularity among college students

Game maker promises tweaks to privilege scoring system to address criticisms of intersectional feminists

by Shay Guvera

A new card game is taking the college world by storm, praised as not fun for all, but educational as well. The Race Card teaches players just where they stand on the shifting pyramid of intersectionality, so they know exactly who to blame for all their problems in life. It’s a fast-paced, ever-changing game, in which the players vie for the highest grievance score until the most victimized player wins by telling the others to “check their privilege”.

“I used to love playing Monopoly when I was younger,” stated a student of Fair and Inclusive Economics, “But now I see it for the ugly depiction of class warfare and capitalism that it is. In The Race Card, I can dismantle the infrastructures of greed and colonialism, instead of working to become one of the obscene 1%!”

Another student claimed a love for the strategy of Battleship before attending college, until he was taught otherwise:

“That game is about war! I was an imaginary participant in the imaginary destruction of imaginary indigenous cultures! Playing The Race Card makes me feel better about myself, and teaches me how to heal the harm I’ve done to the world by being born a straight white male.”

Yet, there are some who see a few problematic elements which keep the game from being the perfect teaching tool.  A gender studies professor at a prominent university expresses her concerns. “The work done by The Race Game shows they are allies to the cause,” she opined. “But it leaves out a few groups facing oppression today who need advocacy? Where are the body positivity and anti-fat shaming cards to represent women of size like myself?”

A professor of critical feminist studies had her issues with the latest edition. “This deck only includes 24 of the 73 genders we currently recognize! How can they expect students to play a game in which they are not properly represented?”

The maker of the game recently released a response: “In light of increasing criticisms, we are temporarily removing The Race Card from the market in order to create a more fair and inclusive playing experience for all. We promise that, in the future, we will do better.”



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