The Planetarium


A deranged drow necromancer left his birthplace to see the world and bring woe to those around him. Fascinated by the coexisting planes and the elemental planes, Azarin built a mechanical contraption which emulated certain characteristics of those planes of existence. The strange device features a central rotating hub which is the only means to access the inner chambers. (See diagram above)

Azarin placed a wonderful treasure in the last area of the place he came to call The Planetarium. This treasure is a placeholder for an important McGuffin an adventuring party could be looking for. Azarin kidnapped travelers in the Underdark and dropped them inside the contraption. The only way out was to traverse the whole thing in rotating order. Unfortunately, out of the scores of people who shared this fate, not a single one managed to survive the sadistic trials in each of the Planetarium sections. Azarin died two centuries ago but still a few documents describe his invention and the treasure inside. It's only a matter of finding a reliable map.

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