It’s Been Proven That Liberals Are Smarter Than Conservatives

Studies show that left-wing ideologues are more likely to graduate from higher education thanks to the increase in number of gender, sexuality, and African-American studies departments opening across the nation

by Carla Marks

Higher education is experiencing a reformation brought on by what is aptly being coined as the Superior Enlightenment. The first Enlightenment, which occurred during the age of the Renaissance, was named so because reason was illuminated to women and men. Now, during our contemporary times, we’re awakening to that which is greater than reason. 

Far more important than logic is openness to and awareness of all people, regardless of racial or sexual identity, gender or lack of gender, or belief system affiliation. The laws of tolerance supersede the laws of logic, and at long last, our country’s universities are recognizing that.

The widespread adoption of progressive studies at colleges has caused the focus of education to become centered around that which is most important for young people to learn in order to thrive in the giant melting pot cosmopolis that educators hope will be the future of our world. It’s also caused those possessing this supreme neo-intellect to rise to the occasion, while those who lack the emotional IQ to succeed in such an accepting utopia collapse under the weight of their own bigotry.

A recent study conducted by the Democrats Shaping the Youth of America Organization surveyed 1.2 million recent college graduates and concluded that 87% held politically liberal views. The other 13% of right-leaning students were over-represented by graduates in the STEM field, areas of study dominated by straight, white males and rapidly becoming outdated in our age of Superior Enlightenment. 

The survey also found that 77% of graduates would prefer to live in a loving, open communist society rather than an oppressive, opportunist capitalist state, 72% believed that identifying as a female should be added to the list of qualifications for presidency, and 69% would support a measure forcing white, male conservatives into blue-collar jobs as reparations for black slavery.



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