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Each weekend I look ahead and decide on what topics I'm going to dive into on future episodes. Now is your chance to chime in on that decision-making process and suggest new topics for future consideration!

The winner from the poll last week were "Designing cities and infrastructure for a climate-friendly future" (nearly published) and "The Brazilian rainforest is on fire" (in the works). 

This week I feel like I came up with so many good topic ideas that I have to include more than the usual 6 so feel free to vote for 3 this week to give me a better sense of overall interest in the topics. 

Please take a moment to read through all the options and vote for your top 3 choices and please keep making great topic suggestions in the comments below!

Trump Representing the US on the World Stage: The recent G7, buying Greenland and beyond


Understanding the Crisis and Protests in Honduras and the "Push" Factor for Migration to the US


Recent Voting Machine Problems Revealed and Preparation for the 2020 Elections


Understanding the American Empire: Featuring the Authors of “Empire of Borders” (Immigration) and “How to Hide and Empire” (Colonialism)


Fight for Our Mental Health in the Age of Trump Fatigue Syndrome


Joe Biden: Past, Present and the Polls that show him slipping against his progressive challengers


Planning for the Impending Recession: Trump’s Trade War and Tax Cuts for the Wealthy


Redefining Citizenship: Trump has been attacking citizenship on all fronts to make it easier to exclude from and strip citizenship


We love getting your suggestions for topics, leave them in the comments!

Poll ended Sep 3, 2019
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