Facebook closed group started.... Hi every one!!! For the moment please forgive me i am going to be contacting you fairly regularly. So in advance.... please forgive me. Feel free to ignore the torrent of upcoming contacts or alternatively feel free to respond....the world is your oyster. I will be contacting you as my services grow and letting you know what new services I am providing. I am literally on fire with ideas. I will be keeping my unedited blog going three times per week and will post that here also. The more my numbers grow the more my services will grow :) What I really want to do is to provide a number of services offering resources in achieving 'comfortable happiness'. These will include meditation, sleep therapy, parenting, pain therapy, environmental sustainability, holistic, fitness and of course my theories in happiness. YES I am working hard on the book. I will be uploading a sneek peek audio soon of me reading from the book. Life is pretty hectic on any day for me so i want to ensure that whatever happens in my life I still offer you loads of services and keep you in the loop of my grand plan...and of course my personal journey...and what is happening with myself Maya Sage Max and Seth. Today i opened a (closed) face book group. I will gradually add you to this group( unless of course you dont want to be added. I will also be emailing you directly to ask you what you want. Meanwhile I will be loading videos and working on launching my podcast. So love to you all and PLEASE keep in touch with your ideas. Speak really really soon. Lauren