[PF 2E] The Monster Update (plus Spell overhaul)

Alert: For the new main menu feature, please make sure to clear your browser's cache/cookies as there may be bugs if you do not

"A few days" was my original quote for how long it should take us to finish the monsters. I think by now most have realized that I severely underestimated that time. I didn't realize how large of a chunk was truly left, and it took myself, my acolytes, and the assistance of other community supporters to get it all finished up. I'm very sorry to everyone for the delay on all of these juicy statblocks.

I want to give a huge thank you to the following folks for stepping up and donating their time with some database additions to finish up the Monster chapter: Dan G, fireflash51, fryguy, Huumalu, Sam M, and talon1232. This update wouldn't be possible without your help, so thank you!

All of that said, I am proud to announce that the Monsters are finally done! The full statblocks, along with the sidebars, traits, and anything else that was missing, should all be online. In addition to the pure data content, we've made significant adjustments to other areas of the site that I'll call out in the full changelog below.

Thanks to all for using the Archives of Nethys, and I hope you enjoy the update!

Site Changes

- [Main] Thanks to Alex Reeser, the main menu now has a Minimize/Maximize option to give users back a bit more page-width (especially useful on mobile). We aren't close to done with changes to the main menu UI yet, but this little bit was ready in time for the update so why not make it usable. If you're seeing anything wonky with the menu, please make sure to clear your browser's cache/cookies which should correct most problems.

- [Equipment] Sections added for Armor Groups and Weapon Groups.

- [Monsters] The Bestiary content has been completed!

- [Monsters] A new Monster Filter has been added to the monster section, including the ability to filter your monster selections by level, creature type, alignment, size, and many more. More options will come in future updates (including a keyword search like Milan's main search engine), and similar filters will be coming soon to other sections (Spells and Equipment to start).

- [Spells] Sections added for All Spells and Focus Powers.

- [Spells] Sort by School toggle added to all Spell lists (example: Divine Tradition).

- [Spells] Superscript added to all spells in the main lists to show Heightened options along with Rarity. Rarity tags will be coming to other areas (like Equipment) soon.

- [Spells] Shortened school info added to every spell in main lists (when not sorting by school).

- [Misc] Many many many other bugs have been fixed in the first month of the new site, huge thanks to Devin and Mark as always for their support!

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