September Update!


I've got basically five main things on my plate right now, so here's where we stand on each of them:


I'm looking for a job. My wife's doesn't pay the bills (and her body is falling apart) so I'm looking for something livable that I'm qualified for (which is feeling like a tall order). This is the main reason that I recently scaled down reward tiers and have had limited productivity lately. If you have any leads or tips, I'd certainly love to hear about them!

Deck of Many Names 

I've encountered all manner of printing problems, delaying the completion of this project. Once it's done, though, I'm going to try to get it into your hands as thanks for your patronage.

The Elemental Spellbook 

My next D&D supplement, containing enough spells that you could make (for example) a sorcerer themed around ice (or fire, or lightning) without having ANY off-theme spells known, is getting closer! I've finished the first draft of all the spells (87 at last count) so I hope to have it published in a month or so. 

Unfortunately I'm not supposed to sell DMs Guild products through any other platform, and Patreon counts. I'm working on figuring out a way around this. Maybe if I only show you the WIP versions? Update coming soon.

Nexus Campaign Setting

My campaign setting (LINK) is coming along, slowly but surely. Unfortunately it's not really suitable as a patron reward because it's publicly visible. If in the future it gets big enough to feel valuable, I could use Patreon money to pay for a premium World Anvil account and make parts of it "secret" and accessible only to patrons. But for now, it's just another thing I'm working on that you can follow along with.

Aether of Adhara

And if you missed it before, I put up an early version of my next stand-alone RPG, The Aether of Adhara, which is available HERE. Right now it's free to the public, but as I flesh it out it will start being a paid product and thus also become a patron reward.

Aaaaaaaaand that's about it. Hopefully once I have my daily bread sorted (and my wife healthy again) I can settle into a routine that will allow more creative productivity. Fingers crossed!

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