If the Adoyret thought I was going to fight him on his terms,

he was sadly mistaken!  I was a master at elfly magicks!  It was high time I started using my special abilities to my own advantage!  Any tactic (short of the Unseelie) was fair if it led to victory!  I began pooking rapidly all around him.

"Seriously?" Sam sighed.

"How do you like that, eh, Sam?" I taunted as I flickered around at a blinding pace.  "Not so easy to hit an opponent if you don't know where he is or where he's going to - OOF."

Somehow I wound up on the ground again, with a dull pain in my ribs.

"Having all the strength, speed and magick in the world, not enough is," Sam muttered down at me.  "Discipline you lack.  Focus you lack.  Confidence you lack."

"EAT THIS, SAM!" I snarled, as I rolled over, quickly produced my bow, and snapped off a shot straight at his head.  "I learned archery from the BEST."

"But the best you are not," Sam declared as he simultaneously dodged and caught the arrow.  "Sure of yourself enough to hit me, you are not."

"Let me guess," I sassed.  "You're going to waste my time with a bunch of Gnostermonger nonsense about ham, and then at the end of it you'll tell me that the power was within me all along."

"Within you the power is," Sam admitted.  "At the beginning, this I tell you.  But true confidence in your abilities to gain, only one way there is:  Good you must get."

With a flick of his wrist he flung the arrow back toward me, and it embedded - quivering - into the dirt next to my head.

"Okay," I squeaked nervously.  "I guess I could stand to have a few lessons."

"ARRGH SIRE," my Ixies groaned.  "How couldst thou cave in so quickly?  Where was thy Irenaeid battle fury?  Thy fearsome Blood Rage?  Verily we have been gypped!"

"PAY UP, SISTERS," Typantronn gloated.  "Like Angela says, All Thy Aphids Are Belong To Me!  Ha ha ha ha I'm rich!  RICH!!"

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