How to Get the Muay Thai Bones Podcast as a Patron

Patrons exclusively can subscribe to my podcasts on iTunes or other subscription podcast services, and it's pretty easy to do. This short article is how to do so, if you have any questions let me know!  Not just iTunes, but all these subscription apps.

The Muay Thai Bones podcast is your chance to drive across the country with Kevin and me as we discuss all kinds of deep topics surrounding our passion for Muay Thai. This are immensely popular podcasts lasting often more than 3 hours. 

When you subscribe to the Muay Thai Bones podcast you also get the Library Coffee editions, which are 30 minute discussions of a particular, newly filmed Muay Thai Library session, and the audio commentary of that session as well. You can deep dive the session before you even see it, and listen in to decide if it is one you want to watch and study, all in the convenience of a podcast. This is why we call this Patreon The Most In Depth Study of Muay Thai in the World. 

Every time I post a Muay Thai Bones podcast I also create Patreon post full of reading notes with links to books we've read, fights I've watched, or other material that gave rise to our conversation. There is always a rabbit hole of things to think about and study. 

How to Subscribe to My Podcast

You need to grab the RSS link for my podcast. When you become a patron you are automatically emailed your private link. Just search your inbox for the RSS email. But, if its a pain to do that search you can also grab the link by going to my creator page and looking in the upper right hand corner. It looks like this, on the Overview Tab:

Just copy that link in the right hand corner (photo above) and you are good to go. You can also get the link in the mobile app. It's great to have the Patreon mobile app on your phone (download it from the store), because you can view my daily lens videos, and read and watch exclusive content on the go. In the app you just go to my creator page in the Overview tab, it should look like this:

Once You Have the Link Go to iTunes - (or other subscription apps)

This is the screenshot for iTunes, how to add to other services is linked below. With the Link in Hand just go over to iTunes and to podcasts. Hit File and  Subscribe to Podcast:

When you it Subscribe to Podcast a dialogue window will open up where you can paste in your RSS link. Instantly the entire Muay Thai Bones podcast content will load.  This is what it looks like on my laptop:

I don't know other subscription services, but they should have similar options to add podcasts like this.  Check out all these subscription services that will accept the RSS link. This is an older article, there may already be more options available, Google around.

The Muay Thai Bones Podcast

To check out the Muay Thai Bones podcast you can find all those posts here on Patreon:

The Muay Thai Bones Podcast 

These posts are a combination of full Muay Thai Bones podcasts, and the MTB Library Coffee podcasts (which include the full audio commentary of individual new sessions).

If you'd like to check out the Muay Thai Bones podcast before subscribing through RSS feed they are all available on YouTube, open to the public. Only patrons get the convenience of the audio version though, because your support makes all of this happen. 

Here is the Muay Thai Bones Podcast YouTube Playlist:

check out the Muay Thai Bones episode videos here 

We try to do at least one epic Muay Thai Bones podcast a month, usually over 3 hours, but sometimes we do two. The Library Coffee edition is new, but we will try to do two of those a month as well! 

We'd love feedback on the podcast, hearing about things you are enjoying, how you are listening to the podcast, things that would be great to improve on.  We're really excited about bringing an audio version of all the great stuff we are already producing for Patreon, so hearing what you like and how you are using it would really help.


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