A Whole Lotta Love
Rick Mercer, Jimmy Page and The Blitz! Never did I think that when we launched the station would we getting be getting the love we do. I hoped we would reach the artists and help them by paying it forward. But Rick Mercer has been a powerhouse of support for Radio Rock. Not only has he brought us some of the best music we've ever played, but he is the reason why there is an official Blitz T-shirt.  

A few months back, Rick asked us if we had any official swag? The answer was at that time, no. As we didn't know if anyone would want to wear shirts, wristbands or drink from coffee mugs with our logo on them. So, we never did any. Well, we did do coffee mugs and wristbands as perks for our Indiegogo campaign we did back in January. Other than that. Nothing. Well, Rick would drop me a message from time to time, usually when he was sending us a new song, and mention, "If you ever get some Tshirts, let me know, I want one! Black preferably." So, finally Arabella Fox said, "Let's give it a try." She put together one that carried our logo on the front and on back put, "Official Blitzer." As you can guess, Rick was one of the first in line to grab one! We've also seen them on fellow Blitzers, M E Franco, Tich Brewster, Ron Hamrick of The Sixth Generation, which has made us proud. 

So fast forward to yesterday, Rick Mercer sends me a message and let's me know, he's got a chance to meet the one and only Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and promised to be wearing his official Blitz Tshirt. Well, true to his word, Rick was there, bought Jimmy's new book, and was first in line! It's even captured on video. I just really want to thank Rick for not only being such a staunch supporter of our small internet radio station, but for believing in us as much as we believe in him! We are truly a blessed station, with a "Whole Lotta Love!"

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