Design doc - XXX pt. deux
when we're talkin' 'bout gettin' lewd, there's certainly more than a single flavour.. so why would all sex be the same in an adult game?

so last time, I talked about the one-on-one system. it's got a minor 'on top' system to play around with .. but not everything is gonna be even-handed like that..

there's two variant systems that go alongside it. they'll work on the same rules, but with a shift of focus - one that's active and one with a much more passive swing on things.

the active system, we'll refer to as "service" poses. this'll mostly be the realm of the fine classical artform known as blowjob. you'll have the reigns to take full control. stroke style, speed, hands, over/under, different grips, teasing, tittyfucks .. I'll cram in variant poses for just about anything I can think of. as far as mechanics, most of it will be for show, but the 'winning formula' will be all about matching intensity with your partner's arousal. tease and slow actions will build up sensitivity while taking little of your own energy, while fast actions will quickly drain both. with my bar and stat setup, this should allow for slow-burn buildups to lead into tease-heavy elegant finishes, or mad rush sprints in the final stretch. and based on your partner's stats, one strategy will probably work better than the other. whatever gets the job done!

service will probably be completely seperate from the main one-on-one system and it's foreplay poses. so it'll be triggered in specific areas, like visiting gloryholes, offering it in the hooker chat-up system, or other story-related stuff. it'll be built slightly differently so it can do what I need it to, and your partner will move independently from your pose (except for his dick that you're holding, lol) and that means there isnt much work in adding reaction poses or variants for sitting/hole scenes once the animation set is done. simple!

next up, in the opposite direction, we've got the passive system.
havent got a snappy catch-all name for these sets, but anyway.. this ones got independant animations too, 'cept this time the AI gets to play too.
you'll have your own little actions, but all the 'work' will be handled by your partner(s)

this is kinda tough to describe with text, but my original vision was for a group system where each partner acted on their own. imagine a 'stuck in wall' sort of pose. the front and back ends will actually be two seperate scenes playing at once, but everything will be blended together with some simple layer trickery. (it's not that complicated, I promise.  it's just like fyc's gang pose.) not to say that this setup is just for groups though, it could be used for more classic 'bad ends', bondage, monster scenes .. whatever. there's plenty of 'gamey' things I could plug into there, like managing stress by moving around to make things easier/harder for your partner, but we'll see how all that goes once we get there. it wont be tied to the whole sex map of the one-on-one system, so all the one-shot scenes will probably be made with this framework.

so, there we have it. I dont think I'm planning anything overly ambitious, here.
(I mean.. I've already built all of these systems into bootlegs before)
but, for the sake of proving the concept, I'll start working on a little tech demo.
heads-up though,  it's not gonna be pretty  -- it won't even be human!

see you next time with that ~ c

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