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Hello first patrons, and thank you! I've been waiting to do a proper launch of my Patreon on my upcoming birthday. But I'm slowing ramping up my use of Patreon now to test out its features.

I will not count blog posts that just make announcements or call attention to things as earning pledges, but only those posts that engage in substantive analysis of some subject. Today I have posted an article on my take on Defining Polyamory.

I will post on other subjects, of course, from the origins of Christianity and the historicity of Jesus, to questions in philosophy, and many other subjects, such as a post I am planning on environmentalism and the energy problem.

So please do sustain your patronage if you feel so inclined! As an independent scholar and author I greatly appreciate it. It acknowledges the value of our work and helps us continue at it.

To the future good,

Richard Carrier, Ph.D.

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