Looking for a cure? On to the apothecary shop


We start the month with a very cool location. It is an apothecary shop/pharmacy. It is a two-story building with a secret basement. The owner Oolin and his assistant live on the second floor. There is a botanic garden next to the house. The interesting bit about this place is the fact that the apothecary has provided infalible cures to often incurable ailments over the past two months because he is empowering his potions with parts from Fey creatures. The first one was a lucky find by a hunter but since then, the farmers are hunting satyrs, dryads, pixies and anything fey for the apothecary. Currently, a live dryad trapped in the basement calls for help through the tree network.

For my supporters on this platform, I've included the map in the usual versions along with a roll20 ready map. The map has a dimension in squares of 20x19 and importing it to VTTs is an easy task.

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