The #ButSlaveryWasSoLongAgo Bookmarks are Here!

An educator contacted me about bookmarks of the #ButSlaveryWasSoLongAgo timeline, and so I created some for her. 

These have been automatically added to everyone who is a Postcard Fan ($5) and up, so you'll be getting some in your November Patreon Perks as well!

If you'd like to get your hands on some earlier, you can order them here.

ALSO, I came up with an idea to give even MORE to Educators, so I'm introducing Teacher Treasures!

This invites people to donate a product at checkout to an Educator as they're checking out with the shopping cart.

Every month, all the Teacher Treasures will be tallied up and announced in the monthly email, and one lucky Educator will get mailed those Treasures.

You can sign up (or sign someone else up) as an Educator here.

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