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SF 208 – “Communication Lies in the Response You Get”

In the light of the decisions made

by the Supreme Court recently, the need for better communication has

made itself readily apparent.  Mordant & McFall discuss interactions

they had as a result miscommunication about these decisions.  They then

chat about how to get the results you desire by communicating better.

 Things even get a little heated towards the end in the 

On Beyond


On this episode of Success Freaks


Mordant & McFall address the decisions made by the Supreme Court of

the United States and how that affects communication.  They discuss the

meaning of the show as well as Charles’ controversial Facebook post.

 Charles covers the “Why?” of the controversy and Mordant explains “Echo

Chambers.”  In the

Level Up

section we tell you to take responsibility for your message and that you need more controversy in your life.  And in

On Beyond

, it gets heated, educational, and very fun.

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