Let's quiet down that angry spirit!

Travelers from distant lands!

An old forgotten catacomb from a powerful family in ancient times is the source of terrible shadow creatures that attack the townsfolk in the closest settlements. Most of them are just farmers and herders with no means to defend their land. So they have all chipped in to collect a reasonable bounty for mercenaries to take. The source of the problem is nothing but a coincidence. The old bodily remains of Alice Nestwing  were taken by a colony of giant ants to fertilize their fungal plantations. The spirit of the family's patriarch has woken up in blinding rage and blames the close farming settlements for the disappearance of Alice's remains. The spirit cannot be reasoned with, it is beyond anger and ire. The only way to calm it down is to venture into the ant tunnels and find Alice's remains and return them to their rightful place.

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