An Update!

Clearly I don't post updates on Patreon much, do I?

Anyway, it's been a rough year for the Planet, but I've finally gotten all the mess cleaned up and the scaffolding put away and everything works great! This last update involved a lot of major changes, which I felt deserved a proper Patreon post.

Toot Planet has moved to a Mastodon fork, called Hometown.

Hometown is a very lightweight fork - it doesn't change a lot of code from core Mastodon. Currently, it has a few unique features - including inline support for formatted article-type posts from other federated services such as Plume, and the ability to add people to a list without them showing up in your main timeline - and some more related features planned which I'm looking forward to. The wiki for Hometown is here.

Toot Planet has its own unique features on top of Hometown, of course! I've expanded my RP tools selection to include an inline dice roller - type something like [[3d6]] and it gets replaced with the results in your post! - and I've pulled Hometown's local-only toggle to keep my own Local visibility option as I feel it is better in all the ways. The source code for Toot Planet and all of its custom features and changes is here.

Toot Planet now has all the features in Mastodon 2.9.3

Most notably, this includes the ability to post and answer polls and the alternate Single Column view. Good features.

Toot Planet has opened limited registrations!

We're a small server in the fediverse and have struggled with sudden mass influxes of users or spammers in the past. I had to close registrations for a while to combat this, which has made me sad - having new people join the community is lovely!

Luckily, I've come up with a solution! Every week, I'll post a new invite link to the registration page, good for five new accounts. Above and beyond those, anyone on the Planet can invite anyone whenever they want!

And to my patrons: thank you so much for your support! Without all of you, I wouldn't have been able to keep this place running for the past two years.

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