Digital Wellbeing and other cool stuff with Nova Launcher

Hi all.

I couldn't live without the Pixel launcher so I had to switch to Nova Launcher on My Xiaomi Mi 9 (read why I switched from Pixel 3).  I wanted my Mi9 to have a proper app drawer. 

It may not be news to veterans of the Nova Launcher but I ended up using 2 very cool tricks 

  • You can assign default apps to launch from folder gestures
  • You can run Tasker Tasks!

So I thought I would make "per folder" app usage monitor. It can do: 

  • Displays daily app usage data 
  • Displays monthly app usage data  
  • Uses dynamic values for the timer 
  • You can monitor any app you want
  • Assign custom sort for each folder

Read more on:!/

Download on TaskerNET 

Happy Tasking!


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