Love Collector - final release

Love Collector is officially finished. The final version includes the Mane 6, with all the art done by the wonderful BBsArtBoutique.

Play it here:

Downloadable version at the bottom of this post!

Your browser probably won't want to play Flash. Google how to allow Flash on a specific website for your browser. Note that this requires an updated Flash player!  If you can't get it to work, then download the game and use the Flash Player projector. There's a readme in the download that tells you how.

New stuff in this build since the last dev version- finished the dialogue set for Twilight. 

New stuff since the last public release... I don't know man, that was ages ago.

The final release has been on the backburner forever, so it's long past time to get it out to the world. 

This was my first game. Originally, the plan was much larger, but as I improved as a developer, the limitations of the game and my code became clear. The gameplay changed a lot as I learned from my many design mistakes. In the end, this looks almost nothing like what I'd planned at the beginning (which is good). 

Because of those limitations, I felt drawn to a side project (the SHF games), which eventually overtook Love Collector. I made a lot of promises about where Love Collector would go, and wasn't able to follow through on them all. At the very least, I should have buckled down and found a satisfying conclusion to this project before moving on, and a lot of people who originally followed me for Love Collector have expressed their disappointment in how I abandoned it. That's totally fair. 

It's an experience I'm trying to learn from, and as new projects begin, I'll do my best to communicate what my goals are, where I'm putting my focus, and what players should expect from me.

But now we're done with LC, and I'm happy to put it aside to focus on newer things. Unless something is severely broken in this build, there won't be any future updates. 

Some of you began as patrons during the first builds of this game. I can't thank you enough for supporting me all this way. Y'all are crazy and I love it.


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