I got rid of the video per month thing because frankly, it wasn't very productive, time consuming, and there was no interest in it this month. Which is fine, tis okey dokey. I replaced it with something EVEN BETTER! Since I'm gonna be starting a few comic series, or trying to anyhoo, I don't normally post sketch pages anywhere. Well they can be put here! So I added that to the $3 tier, WIP/sketch pages for any comics will be put on that. They won't come at any set time/date or amount, but will be at random depending on how busy I am, but hey it be something new and fun yes? :3 Of course when the pages are finished, the final versions will be free for viewing, but if people have been following me other places have noticed in streams, it can take me a LONG time even after a sketch to get a page done, so when you see the sketches, yer seeing something way earlier then the final image. XD gives something to talk about yes?
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