Good morning guys :D! I've added some new goals to my patreon page, but I was wondering if you guys have any ideas for new goals? I added 3 videos a week, and Gaming events - not sure if I should add the podcast maybe? Hmm.. Im trying to get new ideas ;)! Im planning on doing another patreon event next weekend, because this weekend I still have the dog that im "baby-sitting". If you guys haven't heard, both me and Robin are going to GamesCom so im not sure how much ill be able to update the page while we are gone from the 4-7 August - but ill do my best to vlog everything just like last year ;D! Watch the vlogs from last year right here: Hope you guys have a wonderful day, and ill see ya on stream today at 12.00 CEST ;)! - DinahThatsMe
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