InkyDays 09/11/19 - 09/17/19

An adventure in drawing, daily, with ink.

#inkyDays 09/11/19 

Playing with a fun geometric pattern and linking up in a network for today's drawing. I used gold-infused black ink for the lines.


#inkyDays 09/12/19

Adding some color and slightly more complex branching to the pattern, for today's drawing.

I wanted to play with this pattern a little more, so I created some little drawings I'll be sending out to my subscribers/patrons here. These inks and patterns work nicely on the heavy watercolor paper.


#inkyDays 09/13/19

Throwing in some curves for today's drawing.


#inkyDays 09/14/19

Continuing with the curves and circles, and going almost bubbly, with today's drawing. Also trying a different ink with this pattern.

So, the algorithm I follow this this pattern has been almost identical for the last few days. 1. Draw a circle. 2. Draw three branches tangential to the circle. 3. Draw smaller circles along branches. 4. Begin new node-circle at end of each branch. 5. Repeat.


#inkyDays 09/15/19

Mixing the curves and angles in today's drawing, and playing with a different ink combo.


#inkyDays 09/16/19

Trying another ink combo with the curves and bubbles motif for today's drawing.  The line ink is from Japan, and has very little bleed-feathering when combined with others.


#inkyDays 09/17/19

Mixing motifs for today's drawing, and returning to one of my favorite ink-color combinations.


Full #inkyDays gallery in my portfolio site:

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