Hey there loyal and loving Patrons! Just a quick update~ If you haven't noticed yet, our Patreon page just hit our first milestone of $50 a month!! Which is sooo freakin' awesome! We're so psyched and honored for every bit of support and positivity you've all shown! We PRAISE Jesus for each and every one of you!

One other thing!

As promised, for meeting our $50 a month milestone, we'll be holding a Ransomed Wings poster raffle! This raffle will take place on August 1st and all patrons will be automatically entered! So all of you, regardless of how much you've pledged, will have equal entry, which is equal chance to win! Any and all new Patrons who might still pledge before the first of next month will also be entered.

SO! We hope you'll all get excited for that! We're looking forward to holding this raffle, the first of the many to come on this page! Thanks again everyone, have a blessed night!