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This is a fantasy fiction book that takes place in a universe where dreams are interconnected, meaning those who have the skill and desire to do so can enter another dream and take control of it. 

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Lucidity - Zachary Phillips - Work In Progress - 13/09/19  Preface:

Elijah couldn’t remember ever having listened to a waltz in waking life. He couldn’t quite recall what a waltz actually sounded like, nor how it was performed. Yet every night since the accident he dreamt of her, the Swan Lady.

She always wore the same half mask. It was white with pearls and delicate flares rising from one side, giving the illusion of a bird taking flight. It matched her dress, her shoes, the music.

She would stare straight at him. Her eyes curiously searching his own, almost demanding to know why he would dare disrupt her special night. There was no doubt that this dance, this show, this event, whatever it was, was all about her and that he was clearly an uninvited guest.

Her eyes haunted him. A vivid deep blue, they seemed to shine. Her gaze lit up everything that they took in. Whatever she looked at was illuminated and sharp, yet that focus point quickly became dim and hazy when she altered her gaze. 

The dream seemed to move with her, where she looked, he followed. He had no choice, the dream pulled him there.

On the first night he hid behind a crowd of other boys his age and just watched her, he couldn’t help it. She was the centre of attention after all. She moved around the dance floor. Gracefully changing between partners as she went. Perfect transitions, never missing a step.

As she moved, she looked at the crowd surrounding her. As she looked, those boys became men. They grew tall, rugged and handsome. Their clothes transformed into pristine evening ware. Their shoes shone. Some wore bowties, others fancy hats. One was even sporting a monocle, another a vest, a third an ivory cane with matching cufflinks.

Elijah remained unchanged. Still shoeless and dirty from the accident. Still in his school uniform. Realising his lack of transformation, he redoubled his efforts and buried himself behind a particularly broad-shouldered man wearing a grey 1920’s zuit-suit.

Illuminated from above, the Swan Lady shone. He lost himself in the scene, the movement, the complete feeling of elation that seemed to emanate from her. “I don’t even like to dance” thought Elijah, yet he was being taken by the scene none the less. 

He woke with music in his ears.

The second and third nights were quite like the first. The dance, the elation, Swan Lady’s illuminating gaze. When the boys transformed into men, Elijah had once again remained the same, her transformative powers had skipped over him. He was still dirty and shoeless, still naked despite being covered. “This can’t be real,” thought Elijah.

By the fourth night, Elijah realised he was dreaming. Peering over the shoulder of the same broad-shouldered man, who was now wearing a stylised black tuxedo, he watched the Swan Lady closely. As she moved, the scene changed, or rather it grew. Chandeliers illuminated spaces that were previously dark. Tables of hors d’oeuvres popped into and out of existence. The music followed her movement, it slowed down or speed up in time with her steps. Each man whispered of her beauty.

Swan Lady smiled and span and smiled some more. Elijah just watched; he was as captivated by the scene as the men around him were. Turning again, she beckoned the broad-shouldered man to replace her current partner. With a haste resembling a solider snapping to attention he obliged, instantly syncing his movements to hers. 

In that instant Elijah was exposed. Swan Lady’s gaze moved sharply from the broad-shouldered man to settle directly onto Elijah’s face. She gasped ‘But … This is impossible,’ she said, more to herself then to anyone present. ‘Why don’t you look like them?’ She stumbled and fell to the floor dislodging her face mask. Quickly standing, she moved to fix her long, chocolate brown wavy hair which had fallen into disarray. 

Staring at him, she began intensely rubbing her hands together. The music stopped, the men disappeared, the room cleared, and the space seemed to open into an endless white void. They were now standing, held firm to nothingness.

“Who are you?” she asked. 

Elijah looked around and shook his head, “What do you mean, who am I? This isn’t real. You’re not real. I am dreaming this. I have been having this same dream every night since the accident.”

Squinting directly into his eyes she whispered, “No, you’re wrong. This is my dream, and somehow you have gotten into it.”


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