Stay the night drinking at the crossroads!

Hello, travelers!

It's not usual that I make a map that is both a town and a playable/combat map. It is really only feasible with small settlements such as this one. A cute small hamlet with a grid on it so we can organize some town-raids or internal squabbles. The place is small enough that it does not have a wall or any defensive structures. It grows organically around a T-intersection of two well traveled merchant roads. These kind of settlements do not have immediate access to water bodies and, thus, are dependent on commerce and a large audience of travelers coming and going every day.

The lore is about how the settlement came to be, which is nothing but a coincidence about a guy who hurts his leg and is forced to stay at the crossroad for a few night while his companions take care of him. People come and share the space with them and then it becomes a "thing" to stay a night at the crossroads and share bread and wine with strangers. Then it all grows when an ale merchant sees the opportunity and opens shop at the crossroads to entertain all who enjoy the night.

For my supporters on Patreon, the illustration comes with and without grid and labels. I've also included printer-friendly versions, as usual. This town is also available in roll20 format too.

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Elven Tower

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