2dcloud @ Autoptic

I arrived fashionably late to everything this Autoptic weekend! First stop for me was the Light Grey Art Lab art opening. So nice to hang with my Chicagoans Iona Fox, Alex Nall, JB Roe, and catch up with Justin before we tabled together on Sunday. 

Love these beauties by Zak Sally:

Gabrielle Bell:

Tom K:

The next day I had lunch with my pal the cartoonist/editor/TCJ contributor Rob Kirby at Diamonds Coffee Shoppe (located in Thorp Building and home of the original 2dcloud office). So nice to catch up with him <3 So thrilled that he is focusing his energy on his upcoming graphic novel Marry Me a Little!!!!

After that I meandered over to Moon Palace Books to catch a random sampling of panels. They were fantastic!!!! Especially intriguing were the panels on YA and mental illness. Censorship in YA is crazy to me! Also I'm very happy that I got to talk to Sage Coffey and John P. later! 

I also got to talk with Autoptic organizer and 2dcloud cartoonist Will Dinski about his new comic ventures. I'm intrigued about his plan to serialize and market his next series via email instead of print. 

I was very happy to sit and chat with Jordan Shiveley!!! He always cheers me up even tho he is having a rough year! If you want to make the comics community a better place give money to Jordan's GO FUND ME campaign.

AWESOME to see Out of Hollow Water featured at Moon Palace Books! 

Next I raced over to J Selby's to have dinner with my friend and former co-worker Danielle <3 <3 <3 !!! The food is all vegan btw. I can't even remember the last time I had nachos! 

Danielle should get Woman of the Year AWARD!!!!! I love her, she is so strong and inspiring!!!!

We are both living new lives :))))))) and it is soooooo exciting! She was featured here: Photos: Minnesotans show their pride at Twin Cities parade!!! I'm so in awe of her.

The next morning was Autoptic! The balloons are for kid friendly tables. I did not take a balloon! 

Yay 2dcloud!!!! I'm so proud of our books! I'm starting to really enjoy doing shows again!

Justin was tabling next to 2dcloud with his new label Entropy Editions. He had copies of his first publication Hand in Glove. DM him for a copy!!! DO IT NOW!!! It's so good. 

I am soooooo happy I got to meet Rebecca Meszler in person at Autoptic. She stopped by the table and gave me these beautiful pins <3 I wanted so badly to hang out with her but I crashed after Autoptic and had to completely cancel all the rest of my plans. Got to do some self care! 

My Mom and I went on a walk when I got home that night. This was the only way I could burn off the last of my energy in order to sleep!!!! 

Sales were good at Autoptic! I arrived with 2 full suitcases and went home with 1 empty suitcase and 1 half empty suitcase! Thank you to everyone who bought 2dcloud books!!! Also to people who bought my work. I sold every single book of mine I brought <3<3<3<3<3<3!!!!! THANK UUUUUUUU 

This has been a rough year for 2dcloud. We almost didn't make it and now we are taking it one day at a time. Having people come up to the table to talk and buy books is helping us keep going! It means so much.

Thank you for supporting me and 2dcloud <3 <3 <3 !!! Yay Autoptic :)))))