2nd AU fanfic contest: 1st place!

Ohhh boy, this AU

First of all, if you're thinking "wait, isn't this supposed to be a comic" you're absolutely right, but if you stopped to read  agirlwholikestosayhi's "Snippets from a Double Dose of Fantasy" you'll realize that.... well, they're snippets lmao. It was virtually impossible to fit all the scenes in a single comic page. So we decided to make multiple pages instead :D, even though we didn't manage to draw all the snippets in time. Still, it's a lot of content that i decided to spread into a mini series.

Because for real, the amount of dedication in this AU is astonishing. Even last year when it got 2nd place, she already kindly sent me her own concepts for the characters! And while this time we even thought "no, it's cool, we'll make the concepts this time", she still showed a fuckton of lore that clearly shows that dude??? This is by far the most planned out AU i've seen ever? I hope you don't mind if we got some stuff wrong while adapting this fic, seriously aksdhakjsdhsakjdhkjdha

Also about this cover, i realized after posting the prizes of the previous contest that it was kind of dumb that i forgot to make a cover for the 1st place back then, so i made sure i wouldn't forget this time. I'll release all the concepts we made once we're done posting the comics bc that was a lot of fun and who knows? I think this AU should get more fanart over time lmao

Anyway, have fun!


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