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2nd charge
Alright, we are slowly understanding how all of this Patreon stuff works, and if you have seen our detailed video on pledges and how to limit them, you probably also see how this works. It's actually quite straight forward and a really good system!

So here's our 2nd charge, this time for the third part of our video (part 2 was a gift to you guys, because you are awesome!)

There's no limit!

If you pledged 1$ or 3$, not having a limit will probably not be a big problem. 
Some of you however, have pledged more and have not put a cap on their pledge. While this is potentially awesome, we want to make sure that none of you 'spend too much on us'. That's just the way we are :D

I will send out an email to everyone who has no cap limit set in their pledge this Sunday. Better safe than sorry ;)

Votes & Polls

We have already received a lot of great ideas, especially for our 'Zero to Hero' series which we will begin filming next week already! You seem to be as excited about this as we are - and together we'll get you to 'BE a BETTER painter!'

In order to decide on what kind of videos we make for you, we will decide together with our PBA members and you, our patrons. 

I'm going to put on my investigating feet and check for some good polling solutions this weekend. 

Part 4 - Red Chaos Armor & NMM Gold

The next part of Korghus Khul & The Gang will be released sometime early afternoon on Saturday. Please use any kind of time announcements in their loosest meaning. Part 3 for example was ready and uploaded some time between 3 and 4am last night. Morning... Whatever ;) 


We will work on the first PDFs next week. All of the 3$+ pledges will receive them directly from us as soon as they are ready. Making sure they are awesome enough for you will take us a little time - but successive PDFs will then come much faster. Stay tuned. ;) 

Once again, Ben and I would like to say thank you for your incredible support. We will make this very, very special for all of you!



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