2x War Robots Early Access: Vortex Fujin & Taran Spectre
Hey Hey My Friends!

Here are the latest two Early Access Videos for you! Will be released within the next days together with some more test server content, also.

War Robots Mk2 Vortex Fujin - Shielded Spec Ops Gameplay - WR & Challenge Winners https://youtu.be/0jRSGWD3uE4

War Robots Maxed Mk2 Spectre Taran Gameplay - Stealth Brawling Monster WR https://youtu.be/wxVGs1xP_Ow

And don't forget the most recent Test Server Vid:
War Robots Test Server New Robot Falcon & Heavy Weapon Flux Gameplay WR https://youtu.be/2Zbocc5uBSI

Enjoy! And have a great weekend!

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