3, 2, 1... lift off.... well tomorrow
yay!!! it's finally almost time for the launch. I've been waiting for this moment soooooo long. But here it is.... tomorrow at 12PM EST the Faeries will hit Kickstarter.
There will be Early bird offers, one of which is only valid for the first 48 hours of the campaign. There will be art, there will be faeries, there will be tears (in my case), there will be anxiety... will it get funded or will there be crickets.
Lets hope not. Anyway. I'm cooking up the first video for you guys. I'm still a newbie at this whole editing thing and I've found my set up needs work. My lighting in my studio just isn't working for videos for some reason. I will look into that.
I've set up a new goal, I'd like to upgrade my editing program to Final Cut Pro and really delivers some sweet videos for you. There's still time to vote in the poll I put up yesterday, tell me what you want to see and I will show you (almost everything).