Happy Halloween! A few big and a few small updates for this spooky day!

* Updated simulations based on the latest Gamepress research.

* Added Win% back to the sort options

* Added Win% to the drill down table for raids

* Added Win% to the battle simulation results page

* Added titles to many pages

* Updated current Tier 5 raids per region

* Fixed bug on drill down on rankings page

* Regenerated all ranking and raid simulations

The simulation now contains a queuing mechanism just like the servers added almost a year ago. On the defender side, the queuing is immediately after the previous move, using the energy from that move and nothing that happens after. On the attacker side, I have set the queue at 100ms. This is the low end of what I am using for special charging. Basically this means any energy gained in the last 100ms before you can start charging for a special will not be used to determine if you could use a special. These changes should improve simulation quality even further

Pokebattler takes great pride in being the highest quality simulator around with the best user interface. There are new features coming soon that I'm sure everyone will enjoy at least one of. For the more casual players, a power up evaluator to help you determine how much better your pokemon will be if you power it up. For the more serious raiders, a full raid simulator where you can select your exact 6 pokemon and eventually a whole attacker team. The UIs for these tools are rather difficult to get right but I will make sure they are as easy to use and understand as possible before I release them to the world.

Thanks for all your support!

PS. I'm heading to Santa Monica pier tonight. If you see a big tall blue Snorlax out there, thats me!