(3) Astral Blanket

I woke up in a dark place. 

It seemed I had woken up in the same place with the same face many times before.

The lights and sounds so familiar 

but there was a certain rhythm to it all.

Was this the same place?

Was this really the same face?

I stood up, still half asleep and not quite ready to piece together all these fragments of information.

The bed, the walls, furniture, the window and what little I could see on the other side, everything was all pixelated

Everything looked how it looked inside of me.

What did it look like outside of me?

I stood up and pulled the blanket up over my shoulders.

It hung down and ruffled against the floor with each step.

With the sound of the ruffling blanket, a clear and discernible pulse emerged, seemingly out of nowhere.

But somehow I knew it had not just appeared.

It had been summoned.

I had summoned it.

I slowly walked through the house without any concern other than the continued manifestation of the sound at my feet.

Flashes of light from a television flickered out into the hall as I walked towards my parents open bedroom.

Without thinking, I steadied my footsteps to match the flashes of light.

It became a light show with music as it all seemed to harmonize with the sound of snoring from inside the room.

I could feel that there was something deeper was occurring under the surface of my sensual perceptions.

What did it look like outside of me?

I was participating in something akin to sorcery.

Forces were being pulled out of one realm of existence and into another.

I felt myself expand until everything was one with me.

Time no longer existed

Then as existence exhaled and I could feel myself spiraling down into the smallest of particles.

Millions of years in an instant.

At 8 years old, I was scared of that which could not be seen.

This did not scare me.

I did not fully understand but I knew I didn't need to.

Does a tree think about growing? Even if it can, it doesn't have to.

I continued walking around the house for some time.

Threads of intuition converged into a feeling of peace.

The difference between dream and reality

Frequency, density 

A glimpse of life before life 

and after death


At some point I lost track of the pulse.

It had returned to where it came from.

Suddenly I was 8 years old again.

I walked back to my room and went to sleep.


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