3 Hours Makes for a LONG Livestream! :o
Wanted to let everyone know that the livestream went forwards as planned and despite losing my internet connection about three or four times during it, everything went pretty well! Managed to beat the first four episodes of Tyrian 2000 in a single sitting! ...though I was pretty out of it by the end. The lesson learned is that 3 hours is a lot of time to be sitting for streaming, so in the future I'm probably gonna plan for livestreams to be around 2 hours long, just for everyone's sanity. ;) Given that November and December are off-months for regular ADG episodes and will only have fillers, I may do a couple livestreams for each month for $4+ patrons. I'm also considering if there's anything else I could do during that time for all patrons, so if anyone's got any ideas, please let me know! :)