3 Important Notes
Hey y'all! It's 9 AM here in ATX. Did I get up early to edit? Heck no, I just haven't gone to bed yet because making ASMR videos is very serious work. I'm about to go to bed, but first I wanted to bring you 3 very important notes:

1) Here's a photo of me looking terrified of my first aid kit in the video I'm currently editing. Enjoy!

2) I will be adding patron credits to this video—that's the usernames of everyone who was pledged at $5 and up during the last pay cycle. As a notice to those of you who are new, if you'd like me to display your name differently than how it appears here on Patreon (if you don't want your last name, for instance) please message me directly.

3) EVERYONE who has received or will receive a video greeting: I need to clear space in my Google Drive account periodically. If you wish to save your greeting, please make sure to download it as I will be deleting them occasionally.

That's it! Sweet dreams, y'all, whenever you can get them. You're the best.