3 Keys to Creativity
The other evening there was a woman in my class who looked at me with big adoring doe eyes as I told them my ideas about painting. I get this sometimes, and it has nothing to do with me personally - it has everything to do with my message

You may have heard some version of it if you've been to one of my classes. It's kind of my manifesto. It goes something like this: 

"There is no right or wrong way to paint, only results. Not even good or bad results, just results you like, or results don't like.
The painting that is on the schedule is merely there for inspiration and reference. We're not trying to duplicate it. In fact, your painting will look different, and it SHOULD. It's coming through your body, being filtered through your own unique life experiences, and painting experience-or lack thereof. And it's all GOOD. It's all expression. This is not about getting a pretty picture, it's about EXPRESSION and creativity."

The doe eyes occurred because I said something that resonated with this creative woman. She felt the truth and acceptance in my words.

Acceptance is a key ingredient to creativity

Acceptance of your own work - whether or not you like it. For whatever reason we are all our own worst critics. Perhaps we're afraid of ridicule, so we do it before others have a chance. But here's the thing - people are nicer than you think. We're not out there looking for the things we don't like in someone else's painting. 

In my studio, we support each other.

The second and third keys to creativity are related: distance and perspective.

This is why we have the "viewing room" in my classes. Getting a different perspective on your work is an important part of the creative process. Towards the end of each class I take each student to a little area where we look at their painting from a distance. We get a new perspective, and I ask them what they like about their painting.  I also tell them what I like about their painting. Other students are welcome to join in, too. This is not a critique - we're looking for what's working

We also note what might need to be adjusted so they can finish their painting. But the main focus is on what we like. Nine times out of ten, getting some distance and perspective makes people realize that their painting is much better than they thought. 

And once again, art is a great analogy for life. Three keys to creativity, are three keys to life: distance, perspective, and acceptance. Those will get you far in art and in life.

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