3-Layer Landscape Challenge
Here's a fun challenge exercise for you when you don't know what to paint but would like to practice your landscape. Here are the guidelines:

1. It should be recognizable as a landscape with 3 discernible layers representing foreground, middle ground and background.

2. Layers can be any size, width or shape. They can contain textures and or other elements. Elements from one layer such as trees or a house, can break the line and overlap a layer behind it.

3. Layers can be any color but keep in mind Aerial Perspective: closer objects are warmer and more contrasty, the more distant they are, the cooler, less detailed and lower their contrast.

4. Draw it out on your paper ahead of time if you wish but you don't have too. Just start painting if you prefer.

5. Painting from reference such as photo reference is fine but keep it quick and simple and try to paint more than one. Have fun!

Share your work with me and other Minders on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with hashtag #tmowatercolor. I'll be monitoring the hashtag on all three networks and looking for my favorites.

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