3 new cores! 3rd one - VICE 3.0 (Commodore 64 emulator)
The 3rd and last new core for this weekend is a port of the VICE 3.0 emulator, a Commodore 64/128 emulator! 

Not all bells and whistles are hooked up yet, however, this emulator core comes with a builtin GUI made possible by the middleware GUI software 'Nuklear'. It is rendered in software for maximum portability!

This core has been made possible by r-type who did most of the work by porting it. What we did in the process of bringing it to the buildbot was polishing up the core, making sure that it could run on other platforms, etc.

Playable on

So far, we have released this program core for the following platforms:

* Windows

* Linux

* Android

Other systems like iOS, OSX and the consoles will get this program later at an undisclosed date and time. We will let you know when updates have happened on this front!

How to get and install this:

1. Start up RetroArch. Inside the main menu, go to 'Online Updater'.

2. Just to make sure we have the latest info files, select 'Update Core Info FIles'. Wait until this is done. Then, select 'Core Updater'.

3. Browse through the list and select 'Commodore 64 (VICE)'.

How to play (after installation):

1. Go back to RetroArch's main menu screen. Select 'Load Content'. Select any start directory here that you want.

2. VICE supports files with the following extensions:























Load any of these files. If asked to select a program core, select 'Commodore 64 (VICE)'.


You need to create a directory called 'data' inside either your system directory or in case your system directory isn't set, the same directory as the ROM you're loading.


All these files need to be included here.

 We will try to make this more convenient as we go on. Sorry for the inconvenience in having to do this right now, standalone VICE requires this as well except it normally comes packaged with the zip, we can't really do that with libretro cores.

How to play

The Commodore 64 used a keyboard as its primary input device. Keyboard will be the preferred way you use the emulator, although joystick support is also included (but not every game made for the Commodore 64 might support it).  

Keyboard 'a' key - This activates an onscreen keyboard.

Gamepad 'start' button - This toggles the onscreen Vice GUI. From here, you can do various operations, like selecting the Commodore 64 model, messing around with the external color palette, enabling the joystick on port 1/2, select a floppy disk. etc.

NOTE: You might want to disable all hotkeys on the keyboard when playing this program. You can do so by binding the hotkey 'Game focus toggle' to any button or key on either your gamepad or keyboard. If you activate 'Game focus', all of the hotkeys on your keyboard will become inactive. This way, you can use the entire keyboard for this program. If you want to 'leave' this mode so that you can use RetroArch's hotkeys again, you press the 'Game focus toggle' button/key again so that it disables itself.

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