3 new songs cowritten with three different countries in two days!
Hello my lovely songbirds! I'm spending the week writing songs with people from around the world! It's been such an incredible experience for me. I will confess I was more afraid to do this than possibly anything else in my whole life. Some people would be surprised to hear that I have fairly crippling social anxiety - at times worse than others. And writing songs is something I'm very good at doing alone (or via email as it turns out ;). So being paired up with people I've never met and let loose for a few hours to write a song that will be performed on several stages in the coming week, all the while being filmed for a documentary was, well, daunting. It turns out that I can totally do this. It turns out that I can actually rock this, and be at ease doing so. I continue to assure myself, more and more, that all I have to do is show up. All I have to do is show up. The rest will work itself out. I would LOVE to share all three of these songs with you, but I have to be respectful of my cowriters and ask permission first. People are practicing up for the big show tonight (see the "set list" above) so I don't want to bug anyone just now. What fun this is.....what a huge challenge to have faced. What a thing to be embracing rather than running from. I say life is much better that way. Much love, and thanks for showing up. Shawnee